A Transparent American Flag

Coronavirus was only the spark that lit the flame, exposing the United State’s fragility and evils to the world. America has some skeletons in the closet; unequal access to health care, discrimination, suppression, food deserts, unequal pay, unbalance systems...the list could go on and on. All of these evils are being uncovered and inflamed by the pandemic. 


This piece was inspired by the many political signs in the neighborhood. What motivates one to publicly announce their political standing? What does this say about the person? How does the viewer react to these signs? Are stereotypes made? How about the contrast of signs in urban vs rural? Downtown vs. suburbia? Black neighborhoods vs. white neighborhoods? Poor vs. wealthy neighborhoods? America is far from united in a time where we need to work together. A time where we must care about one another and put aside our differences for the betterment of the people around us. 


Remind yourself of our transparency. What will you fight for to make our country less fragile? More transparent? Lessening the evils and demons of our past?


Exposed, Polyester, 2020, 3' x 5'



Cotton fabric, glass beads, ink, pearls, thread

82" x 94"



Together can be viewed on the fourth floor of the Indiana State House. It will be a permanent display along with other women's rights displays.

Women's Suffrage Centennial Project

I recently completed a commission for the Indiana State House. The Lieutenant Governor, Susan Crouch, and the Women's Suffrage Commission established a grant to create a piece commemorating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment of the Constitution. 100 years ago, August 18th, 1920, the 19th Amendment was added to the United States Constitution. My design celebrates the women that helped Indiana achieve voting rights for all women. You can read my artist statement and more information about the Women's Suffrage movement by clicking on the button below.


Printing the linolium cut plates at Cat Head Press.


You can follow my journey a little more closely on my instagram,

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I was awarded the year long Stutz Artist Association Studio Residency. I will be in studio B255 from now until September 2020. 


I feel absolutely grateful for the opportunity to be the Studio Resident Artist with the Stutz Artist Association. Being a recent graduate, I lost access to the large studio spaces I need to create. My sculptures have shrunken into model sculptures, drawings, and ideas—until now. I will be able to make the work that I want to make because of the space I am being provided at the Stutz. I will be able to expand my network, learn from my assigned mentors, and grow as an artist! I am very excited to see what lies ahead.

Click here to read more about the program:


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My wonderful friend Jen Broemel asked me to participate in her blog, The Art of Improv! It shares the improvisational processes of various artists and their stories. It makes for a great afternoon read!




I am very passionate about improvisation in art, it is definitely at the center of my personal making process. During this time of isolation, artists can get in a rut or feel uninspired. This blog will inspire you to try new things, see in a different perspective, and maybe even learn something! Check it out fellow makers!


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