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October 1, 2021, 6:05 A.M.

Good morning internet.

Matcha Latte this morning.

Brain is tired this morning, hoping this writing will get it flowing, and maybe this sweet, sweet delicious nectar from the gods latte.

Yesterday, I worked on pieces from my new series. Long, unofficial, artist statement short, its a series of multimedia (mostly paper) sculptures and wall pieces that have a lush variety of made-up botanical structures pinned into place to capture a specific moment in time for the "plant". For example, one of them I'm still sketching out is about a plant that was broken off but continued to grow, as plants do. Like when you propagate a pothos to grow a baby, it buds off in the other direction. Symbolically a way of visually representing how humans endure, reminding the viewer that they are also nature, a living breathing being on this planet..just will self-awareness and emotions. Fun.

One that I'm pretty excited about......I need to note that I have SEVERAL of these started but not one of them is actually FINISHED, a continual problem in my practice. Just like the way this blog is written, I have to get the idea out of my head NOW or it will be gone forever. But really that's kind of interesting because the piece changes visually and conceptually as time passes, usually for the better!.....Anyway back to the piece I'm excited about, it's a multilayered frame like structure that goes inward to a center rectangle recessed backward. At the very back level (each level of recess is about 1.5 in thick, making the overall piece hang on the wall about 5-6 inches) there is a small flower, very intricate, detailed, intimate. Then directly behind that is a mirror. If one is truly viewing the piece and inspecting it's every detail, it will notice, through the mirror, that the back of the flower says "Help me," a detail that would be hard to notice if you weren't paying attention close enough. Similar to how you can look at a person and think they are thriving, when they are actually not okay.

Tea is done....mmmm it's warming my nose, throat, and soul.

Brain switched to thinking about the rugs I am making with my tufting gun as my feet hit the (insulated) floor of the van and remember the internet warnings of how COLD the floor gets. It reminds me of all of the rugs I wanted to make months ago when the van wasn't anywhere close to being finished. I wanted to design rugs for vans, considering EVERYTHING has to be custom. It also comments on the history of van life, shag carpets, colors, patterns...and it will keep feet warm! Because damn, it's chilly. Need to get our heater set up still, going to get cold soon...

Well, it's 7:02 and the computer is at 10% battery... my brain is "emptier." Cheers to matcha tea and a successful studio day.

Daily mood monitor/self reflection:


* You took a second photo because the thought of "that's not a 'good' picture" crossed your mind. These are not supposed to be good pictures Kassie, they are supposed to be authentic...

* You're in your pajams because you (and zack) keep procrastinating setting up the heater

* Forgot to take your makeup off last night but that just means you wake up like this :)

* You look like your mother


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