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October 2, 2021, 11:02 A.M.

I'm just getting to the computer 5 hours about self set deadline of posting by 7:00 A.M. My excuse is that I'm dog sitting the most special puppy and cat so my routine is thrown off. Excuses, excuses I know.

The house I am staying in... first of all we have been living in the van fora little over a month now. We have stayed in my parents house since then, but this house is bigger, and "spacier." We, Zack and I, are realizing how strange it is to be in a house. We find ourselves continuing van life habits. Conserving water (which is just a good habit anyway), hand washing dishes, sitting on the floor, wearing the same sweater you have been wearing all week. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Right now we have to stay in Indianapolis to work, get organized, figure out our studio situations, and pay off as much of the van build debt as we can. Even though we are staying in the same spot, its still really nice to live in the van! If we were in a less luxurious build I don't think it would be as doable.

Back to the house we are sitting, it's more like a beautiful art museum, the owners being artists/designers. There are so many paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, furniture...all the way down to the details of the mugs in the kitchen...all aesthetic! Right now I am looking at the room in the mid-century modern house with original wood paneling. The specific detail I am noticing is how they replaced the outlet/light switch covers with brass to match the framed drawing hung on the same wall. Which also matches the gold/brass faucet on the counter, and brass light fixture, and brass lamp in the other room...and the kitchen cabinet handles. THE DETAILS. I'm obsessed. The kitchen table is a handmade mid-century modern style wood, accented with two folded copper chairs (WHAT?! So cool) and on the long sides, four teal, "copper patina colored" wood chairs. I couldn't have thought of a better combination!

Another detail I have noticed about the interior design choices is how wall art is hung in certain spaces. For instance, in the den area, there is a print hung about two feet from the floor with another piece up and to the left. The only reason this works is because there is a (amazingly gorgeous designer) chair in front of it positioned in the negative space of the wall with a small (brass of course) podium table next to it. This is all placed in a corner with a large painting on the other wall. The corner works very well! Some others are positioned slightly lower than eye level, especially one on a large white wall. It is a smaller painting (about 18" x 18"). It's almost as if it is collaged with the furniture in mind and how the two interact with each other.

This whole place is motivating me to think about my final display more. If said piece is going in someone's house, how would I want them to display it? Who is my target audience? Should I be photographing my work in ideal situations? YES yes you should.

I am also thinking of my level of craft. If I'm going to set my mind to something, I need it to be my highest quality possible. The piece can't be displayed unless it's to the highest point it can get to.

Well, I'm feeling motivated to draw so I would say my mind is "emptier."

Daily mood monitor/self reflection:

Notes (to self):

*Writing every day is making you feel better, keep with it, no excuses

*You need to start dressing better, get better clothes

*Makeup also makes you feel better

*Take care of yourself dude


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