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October 3, 2021, 7:25 A.M.

Better late than never...getting back in the van today, the routine will return...

This morning, I am continuing to think about the world of interior design. Recap: I'm dog/cat/house sitting and the house is beautifully renovated and designed, mid-century modern house. And the interior design is VERY well thought out. I noticed yesterday that each view of each "section" of a room has an asymmetrical composition. The kitchen table is not centered on the large lookout window but shifted slightly to the right so when viewed from the side, you don't just view the table, but also the window and the two small art pieces to the left of the window and the giant stone wall adjacent. And the other room, it has a counter height mid-century modern table with various collected ceramic pieces on top. above is a painting, abstract, muted colors of a landscape. The paining is shifted down from eye level and slightly to the left, toward the corner (adjacent to a large bank of windows). Then in front of the table and painting, slightly more to the left we have a cactus about the height of the top of the painting. Again, asymmetrical composition. Is this all a coincidence or is this actually a thing in the interior design world?

I've also been thinking about the clothes I wear and how I don't really do my hair (never have really) nor do I wear makeup. This is mostly a societal norm thing put onto women at a young age, but would it make me get further in the art world? Does a "normal" rich buyer want to see a disheveled looking artist that lives in a van (and sometimes looks like it) that has poured every bit of their last energy into their art practice? Or do they want to buy from someone that looked like they have their shit together, that looks like art themselves with their fancy quirky clothes and makeup and hair. Well I'm going to find somewhere in between because I don't have time or money for that junk. Zack is the only one that ever sees me anyway!

Another think Zack and I have both noticed being in this somewhat large home/property, this is the first time we have been separate or at least distanced from each other in a month (since we moved into the van). Having physical distance is actually making us want to come together, unconsciously. I think that is a beautiful thing when two living beings can have that deep of a relationship. It's making think about how space, objects, people, and lighting can make people act differently. How does my art effect peoples emotions? How does it effect mine? Those are the thoughts I'm going to take into the studio today.

7:47 A.M. and my brain feels "emptier"...

Daily mood monitor/self reflection:

Notes to self:

*you need a haircut

*that's all today...


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