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GRID: A Thumbnail Sketchbook

Introducing GRID, the revolutionary thumbnail sketchbook designed for unleashing creativity without the constraints of judgment or pressure. GRID is crafted to empower creatives to effortlessly translate their ideas from mind to paper.

Each page of GRID V.1 features a grid layout comprising 16 squares, providing the perfect canvas for your imagination to flow freely. Break away from creative blockades as you redraw a concept in 16 unique ways, explore diverse perspectives with 16 distinct ideas on a single page, or breathe new life into your words by rewriting a poem 16 times.

V.1 Goals: Exploring ideas, getting thoughts on paper, discovery through repetition

Suggested book to correspond with this version: The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron

Suggested Materials: Black Crayons, graphite, microns

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While version 1 of GRID is a classic 16 block thumbnail sketchbook, version 2 elevates the process to a crucial turning point—a moment of decision, a definitive progression. Introducing a generous blank canvas beneath the initial 8-block grid allows users to amplify and expand their most promising iteration of their concept. Now that you have more space, how can the idea develop even more? Can you visualize what the next step is for this idea? Scaling an idea allows for space, mentally and physically.

V.2 Goals: Exploring thoughts and ideas, then preparing to scale them

Suggested book to correspond with this version: The Creative Act: A Way of Being, by Rick Rubin

Suggested Materials: Black Crayons, graphite, microns


GRID for your store

Thank you for your inquiry about stocking GRID! I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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My Bookshelf

GRID was inspired by many of these books. Through years of reading and practice in my studio, I have been able to develop methods of idea generations, ways to get into the "flow state" of creating in a more efficient manor.

My Toolbox

Below are some tools I use in my thumbnail sketchbook (and beyond). Each image has a special link to the product for your convenience! 

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