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Driven by a desire to inspire change and spark conversations about human relationships and our interaction with the environment, Kassie Woodworth is a passionate artist whose work resonates with the intricacies of nature and the profound influence of our collective existence.

After graduating from Herron School of Art and Design in 2019, Kassie has experimented with her place in the art world, from curating to full-time artist to teacher to administrative assistant. She enjoys learning new corners of the creative field all while still making her own artwork. Her work has been showcased in various venues, including Gallery 924, the Indiana State House, and the Indianapolis Arts Center. When she's not in her studio in Indianapolis, Kassie embraces a nomadic lifestyle, living in a van with her partner and dog, Cinnamon, embarking on journeys that fuel her artistic inspiration. Kassie also works for other creatives in Indianapolis such as Gravesco Pottery and Bohall Design and Fabrication helping with communication, project management, and product production.

Current goal: Make art on top of a mountain.

Current curiosity: How can art open a closed mind? How can art plant the seed of thought?


Kassie Woodworth’s work can also be viewed on Instagram


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