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October 8, 2021, 11:56 A.M.

Long time no talk, I've been slacking on the posts this week. Going to try to get better because doing this is very good for my brain and time management.

Currently sitting at a laundromat, the clean one on the north side of Indianapolis. Zack doesn't like coming to this one because its so expensive but damn is it clean. I always feel so creative here because I don't have to worry if my clothes are getting clean. There is just something about laundromats that clear my mind! Is it the human ritual of cleaning the clothes we have told ourselves we have to wear? The tumbling of the dryers? The constant hum machines? The interesting people it attracts? One time we saw a guy here that lives in his minivan equipped with a generator and deep freezer attached to the hitch deck.

I would love to host a gallery show in this laundromat. All of the walls are white and the folding tables are a bright sky blue, the classic color of cleanliness. I have had this conversation with Zack before and I asked him what he would put in the show. He said he would turn a pair of the washers into eye balls. I said I would probably have something super weird in the dryers, maybe a certain color of thing to make a rainbow effect? There are so many other possibilities though. The simplicity of the environment makes a blank canvas! The energy of the room is very individualized, perfect for art. Each person can have a moment with the piece, whatever it is.

Laundromats also force a time for reflection, relax, pause, and tends to be a meditative process. It's different for each person. You have the women doing the entire families laundry, maybe the laundry fell behind because she also works, like my sister. Why is this structure not figured out yet? Women still don't have an equal roll in this society, is there any society around the world that has it equalized?

There is the elderly man that seems to be conscious of his style, slightly disheveled hair, "writer/artist" style glasses, light pink shirt with peach colored shorts, leather loafers...folding towels that are also the same peach color.

There is the younger blonde woman, about my age. Looks like she's doing the kids clothes then backing them is big clear garbage bags?

Are visual artists more observant than other creatives? I have been always felt more aware of my surroundings. I notice the shadow cast on the ground when others don't. I believe my mother instilled that in me, mostly for safety reasons but it has truly helped me in my art practice. I am able to see details, note them, and bring that into the studios. Often it is human behavior patterns, physical or habitual patterns in nature, synchronicity and coincidences. Laundromats are a great place to observe this in humans, specifically behavior patterns, habits, RITUALS.

We have new info, two women began talking, an uncommon occurrence. Both have said their washers are broke. OH now we have another joined in! She's commenting on the convenience of laundromats versus doing the chore at home. She said she thinks this is faster so she can get home and watch TV. Everyone is here for a different reason. Specifically at this laundromat, in a fancier, higher class part of town, it seems to be a lot of stay at home moms that have fallen behind on laundry or have too much and want to get it done. When we go to the one closer to downtown, its people that have no other choice. They are there because they don't own a washer or dryer (from a few conversations overheard last time I was there). It is a definite stark contrast of people. These people seem calm, their complains about going home and putting them away, seems mundane compared to the worries of the working class people that have to find the time to do the laundry. To haul everything to the laundromat, take the whole family, it's an event. And these three women just keep complaining? Why are these people complaining? They dislike this human ritual of laundry. They are not taking time to recognize the process! Take a breath ladies! Everything is okay. Find the beauty of the, now, clean clothes you are folding so unconsciously. It is so habitual now. How cleansing this is. You and your family now have good smelling, clean clothes to wear.

Sighs. Huffs and puffs. They are getting each other so worked up about this chore of laundry.

Well mine washer is done. Now time to dry! Very excited. Cozy warm, clean sheets, fluffy towels. I'm pumped.

My brain feels "empier."

Daily mood monitor/self reflection:

Notes to self:

*You feel better after the few compliments you got on your hair today.

*You feel better in a cute outfit.

*Your regretting the purchase of another mask from CVS but damn they feel so much better than a paper mask.


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