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September 30, 2021, 7:05 A.M.

Well, first day on the blog and I can't seem to snap my brain out of a dream for two seconds to open my eyes and snooze my alarm. Oof. That's okay, forgiveness is important, even for oneself. New goal is 7:30 A.M....

Tea kettle is on, van power is low so we will have to drive somewhere before we make breakfast. Our alternator gives our battery bank power. I drew a "Praise the Sun and Alternator" sketch yesterday for a mural proposal in the van. Zack (my partner) and I agreed that if we are going to draw on the walls of the van we have to make sure both of us agree on the location and aesthetics. My drawing consisted of an god-like drawing of a sun with a human face. Why do humans draw the sun like this? And have for many many decades. Is it to personify the sun as a god like I did unconsciously (I just thought it looked cool to be honest, but it actually works with the concept...I wonder how often that happens for other artists...or even in my own art...) Or maybe its so the sun doesn't seem so alien to us, more like a comforting neighbor. But wait, isn't usually a female personification? Probably drawn by men in the distant past? Goddess I guess.

Next to the personified human sun, I drew a realistic representation of our van's alternator with the classic, slightly clique rays of light illuminating from behind the, seemingly, massive chuck of a holy, Biblical, gold ring around the head, saint style. Complimenting and focusing the attention on hunk of metal and sun of course.

Kettle boiled, lemon and ginger tea this morning.

Below the sacred, holy, ever giving sun and alternator are some pleasing compositionally placed solar panels and batteries, got playful with the giant cords from the batteries.

Getting bored with describing this, its cool, okay?

Since yesterdays post, after a long few days of being in a rut (metaphorically, with my studio practice, not literally, don't know why I had to clarify that...) I had a rush of ideas, clarity, and generally decent thoughts. Im excited to go into the studio today after several days of just DREADING stepping food into that chaotic space in time. I remind myself of things I need to be grateful for almost every day. The studio needs to go on the list.

Reasons to be grateful for my studio space/practice (and maybe yours, the reader, count your ducks y'all, one day those precious things/people/places may not be there anymore):

* Not everyone is in a position to be able to express themselves creatively, or at all for that matter

* Air conditioning (especially when you live in a van in the midwest United States in the summer)

* You have an entire printmaking studio at your disposal!!! (AND YOU DON'T USE IT....WHY?!)

* You own so many tools from 14" scissors to a very nice sewing machine. (Oh soooo grateful for tools)

* You have a window in your space!

* It's a locked, safe space

* Roof over my head

* Clean bathroom

* Running water

* You can actually be there (you know, if you can figure out how to make money with your art of course...)

Aaaannnyway. Its 7:30, my brain feels "emptier." So I'm moving on. Cheers to a clear(er) minded day.

Daily mood monitor/self reflection:


*Posting this picture gave you anxiety.

*Did you always have those lines next to your mouth, or are you getting old?

*The eye bags are coming in.

*Well, at least the haircut that you did based on an internet fad went decently. It looks like a socially acceptable shag haircut, the classic mom from the 80s look.


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